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    SpaceMonkey77 wrote:

    Indeed, a cheetah hunting and eating another species on tv is grim and also natural, but that doesn't stop wildlife and nature programs from being wildly popular. You can grimace if you choose, minor few will revel in it, but overall, however you feel, its still nature at work. Certainly would be a fool, standing in the way of a cheetah trying to hunt and eat, that its killing is wrong, while munching on my BK Flamer. Feel free to try though.

    Domestication of dogs over thousands of years is fine, but what happens when a dog resorts to its truer nature?

    But that's just my view, others may think differently.

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    It's a Bulldog mate, have you ever seen a vicious Bulldog? The family that owned that poor thing had a duty of care to look after it. It's too stupid, and not instinctive enough to look after itself properly, so it's not exactly going to nip out and hunt a fucking antelope is it?

    You're completely over-complicating the issue. As well as effectively trying to come across as someone who is above everyone else in this thread.

    Animal cruelty is bad.
    Domestic animal abuse, which is what this is, is totally unacceptable, and nothing like living in the African Savannah.
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