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    Bloobat wrote:
    @Ron_Justice it's a main release. Theyve chosen to ditch all the old models and build all new ones hence the lower count. There is also a focus on competitive track racing so the car list is more focused and clearly divided into groups.

    Track list is pretty good imo. Graphics, especially on replays are insane. Yes we have lost weather and dynamic time but the game really does look photo realistic at times and is way ahead of competitors on this front!

    Game is definitely more online focused this time around with a much smaller offline segment. Additional cars and tracks will be coming for free after launch.
    Perfect, cheers. I'll rinse the Beta and see how it all feels. Got high hopes, but also still clinging to the old GT progress system - buy a 10 year old car, mod the intake, exhaust, brakes and suspension, learn the cars nuances on the likes of The Autumn Ring, Trial Mountain, Seattle Circuit etc, repeat until you have enough credits to NA tune or stage 3 turbo, do the weight reduction (maybe do the RM holy grail) Then, win a championship and invest your funds in a faster 10 year old car and do it all again. My idea is gaming bliss tbh.

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