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    If you're going to DM, I'd definitely just go for the version you are most comfortable with - for me that would be red box, but may be different for you.

    depending on the type of group you have, I'd potentially second the recommendation for Dungeonworld above, which if you are someone who enjoys the communal story building aspect of gaming is a great game.

    However, If you're a group for whom the fun is more the rolling the dice / min maxing characters / beating the game aspect, it's perhaps a bit too fluffy.

    as a DM, it's low prep, but requires quite a bit of thinking on the fly.


    If your friends still want to play, but rarely have the time, there are now plenty of games designed for one session games lasting two or three hours. Fiasco and The Quiet Year are two of my favourites for that sort of thing.
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