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    PES_Fanboy wrote:
    Decks wrote:
    Just in case he was thinking of coming back

    TheSaint wrote:
    LetsGo wrote:
    Youthist wrote:
    It is an interesting coincidence that the historically proven Farage loving UKIP voter Letsghoul (stop the dirty foreigners coming to my sleepy village is basically what he thinks) is claiming his outcome is going to be great news for our future.
    Yes I am aware he is trolling but at the same time he actually is a small minded
    little twat into the bargain.
    You will never, EVER find a post by me supporting UKIP.

    In-fact, I've always said they are, on the whole, a one issue and often racist party.

    I hate UKIP.
    Took all of two seconds:

    LetsGo wrote:
    DiddlerDo wrote:
    So - who are we all voting for?
    Not decided yet, either UKIP or Labour.
    This is why we haven't seen him

    Definitely worth keeping that one somewhere just in case.

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