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    ClemFandango wrote:
    LetsGo wrote:
    @ClemFandango seriously, your tone is really not on. This isn't helping the country at all.

    I've stated my points on more than one occasion and none of it is about race.

    If anything, I'm anti-EU because of the way it destroys developing nations due to their substadies and exclusive trade deals.

    I also think the way they are treating the Syrian refugees by sending them back to Turkey is sickening and against international law.

    The EU is in a mess, they don't want to change, they just want to continue getting corporate companies rich and feck off all the rest.
    You are a liar, and you know it.
    Now fuck off and put me on ignore you thick twat

    He's either trolling or a complete moron the only two explanations.

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