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    thelzdking wrote:
    They would actually love it in Lincoln. You would enter the museum by passing underneath a massive sculpture of a Lancaster bomber and as you pass underneath the bomb bay the doors would open and it would start playing the Dambusters theme and blue passports would drop out. Next a Nigel Farage voiceover claiming how proud he is of Bomber County firstly for dropping thousands of tonnes of bombs on Europe during the war, and secondly for dropping another bomb on Europe - the bomb of a 75% pro-Brexit vote!

    After passing under the Lancaster a guide - dressed as a landgirl - would ask you a question in Romanian, and would throw you out if you don't bark at her to "SPEAK ENGLISH". Then you proceed to the 'hall of shame' which is a perfect replica of a Polish shop which the guide tells you that these shops were some of the darkest places in EU Britain, where Continentals would gather to undermine Britain and drink Tyskie.

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