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    No I don't, I don't believe in absolute free speech, I understand there are competing rights at play and people should have the right not to be subject racial abuse. But I'm not sure exactly where the line should be drawn in some cases.

    But I disagree that free speech should be limited to a legal right. There is a deeper underlying principle that should be valued. It seems inconsistent to me to think a court levying fines against an individual to suppress free speech would be an infringment of rights whereas an unaccountable mob can arbitrarily cause massive financial and reputational harm to an individual for saying something they object to. To believe in the legal right to free speech but not the principle of free speech just seems wrong to me.

    And I know internet mobs are just the aggregate of individuals exercising their own free speech to criticise those they disagree with, but the internet had massively shifted the balance of power in these cases. And thise combined with a disregard for the princiole of free speech is not a good combination, and is ooen to abuse.
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