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    ControlledChaos wrote:
    I really don"t understand anyone having confidence in this government, Theresa May has her ministers out today flogging that dead horse of a deal, if I were a Tory MP tonight I would want her out and my own vote of No Confidence failed. Abstaining tonight would not cause a general election, its not a vote of confidence in the Tory party, It will give the Tory party the power for 14 days to regain confidence in itself
    Everything is in a deadlock at the moment.
    Tories will back may because of they don't want another General election. We have to be realistic here, her going, a brexit that was entirely on her and her party mandate will be null and void. Labour will call for a new GE because her version failed spectacularly and they think they can do better.

    Also a new leader will most likely solve nothing. The hard right of the party don't really have the support within the party to do anything, and that means you are likely just to bring in another remainer as leader or someone who will do the natural thing of making a compromise which will just take it us back into the mess we're in.
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