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    RichDC wrote:
    It's funny how those stats seem to genuinely contradict my memory of quickly Nick Griffin and the BNP disappeared following that QT appearance. And while he may have gained a small increase in supporters due to it, I'm still convinced that showing what a fuckwit he was on live national television was what consigned the BNP to oblivion.

    I'm all for doing the same to Tommy et all and think it would have the same effect when they are asked difficult questions. It's just a real shame that your Farages and Moggs are slightly more competent (if not truthful) under the same treatment.
    I don't feel the shame is in their veneer of competence. It's in the manner that there isn't any challenge to their claims. The Beeb (of the nonRT outlets) is by far the worst for this, not helped by their willingness to let these clowns all but lease a camera team whenever they damn well please on (the clown's) proviso that no fact checkers or difficult questions are permitted within a 200 metre radius. No platforming is the only language these cunts understand.

    Never thought I would miss Paxman so much after the self parodying plasticine interviewer he became circa 2012 onwards.
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