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    Having worked with vulnerable young people I can categorically say this - there are parents who are poor, engaged and care about their children but if they're working loads to keep things afloat or have their own issues then there's plenty of opportunities for kids to totally lose focus.

    Load does point out that drill and cash are two big motivators. Several kids I've dealt with know all the drill rappers, what they're inside for, what kind of money they bring in and so on. If you feel like the place you live is a fucking dump then the threat of prison really isn't that much of a deterrent if you're seeing videos on snapchat or youtube of drill rappers live streaming freestyle rap battles from a prison cell. Yes, it's a microcosm but there's evidence to suggest that the marketing of drill is linked to criminal gangs who can use it as a form of grooming.

    Youth clubs won't magically solve things BUT they'll give somewhere for young people to go to be CHILDREN (which is what they are) and find activities for which adults will praise them that aren't crime. It will be a space for them to do immature things and get it out of their system. They can also engage with arts projects (music, painting, photography) that allow them to express some of the feelings they're massively struggling to come to terms with. These are the kinds of things that schools just do not have the budget to do and have, therefore, contributed to an explosion in anti social behaviour over the last 20 years.

    If I was the government and I wanted to actually stop knife crime I'd pump money into the following

    - work placements for under 16s. If they're not engaged with academic education, stop forcing them to a huge range of GCSEs or courses they're not fit for and get them in something they can actually engage with - WORK and MONEY.

    - sports clubs - boxing/ MMA in particular. I'd be on the blower to Connor McGregor right now and ask him to become brand ambassador for youth boxing clubs across Britain. Or even fucking KSI.

    - uptake in arts - particularly acting and music. Instead of relying on drill rappers to talk about life on the streets or Cardi B to be on about how she used to drug and rob men at the strip club she worked in, get these kids expressing themselves and telling their own stories.

    /But what do I know, it's not like I've worked in education in shitty areas for the best part of a decade....
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