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    anephric wrote:
    I'm in Lincolnshire (including Brexit capital Boston) a lot and I deal with a lot of farmers and landowners (and local politicians).

    I haven't noticed any diminution in Leave fever or regret. A lot of it there is fairly indisputably (oxymoron aside) tied to xenophobia.

    They need Latvians and Romanians to work the fields but hate them taking all the cheap housing, speaking forrins in Lidl and throwing Eastern European lager cans off every railway bridge.
    I know that area of the world very well, having lived there for about 8 years. Farm work used to be done by people around 14-22 (of which I was one, many moons ago) and then the EU reclassification of 2004 massively reduced the wages for the jobs. Farmers then got crafty and started buying small terraced properties and housing their workers there, usually about 6 or so in the two or three bed terraces. Grimsby, Lincoln, Boston and Grantham all have streets of them. Lincoln itself has a formerly studenty area that just changed overnight.

    Wages are paid as cash that is sent back - all legally because it's EU. There's a few local firms that have contracts to minibus the workers from their houses to the farms and, at night, you find the vans dumped on residential streets and fucking up the parking for people that live there. Some farmers may keep hold of documents or passports of workers until they are done, limiting their freedom to move around England.

    It massively impacts on the opinions and feelings of the local cultures. A white working class British street (admittedly, a bit of a dump) suddenly has an influx of single, late 20s-40s Eastern European men who work long physical hours and have little in the way of down time except for drinking and it was always going to lead to a clusterfuck.

    I absolutely do not understand how the farmers, politicians and such who are all reliant upon these workers would vote Leave - at the very least it's a fucking paper trail nightmare for them. It may see them have to move back to local workers who will cost more and work less.
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