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    Fourfoldroot wrote:
    BartonFink wrote:
    Been mucking about with this since yesterday.

    What is the deal with when you try to capture a pokemon - you get the little bugger but then your ball just sits there like a dumb shit doing nothing - have to close an re-open. It also results in the loss of any balls used in the encounter.

    Another annoying bug. But if you reopen the app you have actually caught it and got the xp most of the time (I.e. If it wouldn't have escaped I'm guessing). I tested this myself by checking my Xp before every encounter (yes, it happened to me that often
    Yea was walking in town tonight and it happened again - as you say got the pokemon and the XP.

    Feel like a bit of a duh! Was out walking with my sons tonight and the youngest pipes up - 'Hey Da there is a PokeStop right here wanna see what you get' so I looked at my map and there one was - opened it for a look and - 'Ah thats a nice pic of the monument' and walked away. The look on his face was priceless - 'WTF are you doing?' .. 'Whatcha mean?' .. 'Spin the picture and see what you get'.

    FFS I have been walking around Dublin today and came across shit loads of these - didn't know about the spinning picture bit.

    Needless to say I had the everloving piss taken out of me all the way home.

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