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    Alright, so after a week of playing around with my new PSVR I thought I'd share my experiences:

    Race The Sun: no idea why I picked this for my very first VR outing, but this came with PS+ and I remembered enjoying it back in the day. Turns out it wasn't a bad first choice. The simple, clean geometric shapes mean you can just focus on the feeling of 'being there' and speeding along. Strafing left and right is smooth.

    Star Wars Battlefront VR mission: was blown away by the title screen alone - looking up at the AT-AT towering above me - and detail in the cockpit. It's a little weird hearing the/your protagonist's voice when you're in first-person VR? I also got way too ambitous flying around in my X-wing, looking in different directions while climbing and diving. First VR nausea.

    Playstation VR Worlds: Shark dive was great - found myself flinching. The London Heist was awesome: the characters looked 'real' and I had lots of fun using the Move controllers to mess about with props in the opening scene. Would probably use these two experiences to show off VR to others. Rest of the package a bit 'meh'.

    Thumper: had been stuck in world 5 for a while and finally had a breakthrough. Thanks VR.

    Polybius: wow.

    Skyrim VR: took me a while to adjust to this. Had to turn off the assist options (the incremental turning, and tunnel-vision while walking) as it felt too immersion-breaking. Immediately paid the price and felt very motion sick. Have taught myself to be very gentle while turning. Ditched the Move controllers as I found combat a pain. Overall: fine for a bit of virtual tourism but looks very low-res compared to the recent remasters.

    GNOG: had two uncompleted levels left. Brilliant fun turning the puzzle boxes around and poking your head in. I'd also forgotton each level ends with an explosion of colour and music - it's at least 35% more joyful in VR.

    Wipeout: yep, looks amazing. But I think I'm still not that into the racing itself.

    I Expect You To Die: wonderful intro sequence and enjoyed the first scenario in the car (another good use of just letting you play around with things in the environment). The faux-James Bond thing may wear a little thin.

    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood: Went in with very low expectations but a surprisingly decent ghost train/shooting gallery with some legitimately scary bits!

    RecRoom: entered the common room to find a bunch of kids (northern and American) goofing off, in a charming display of trans-Atlantic banter. One of them spotted me lurking and shouted "Oi mate!", so I immediately ran away.

    Still to try: Lost Bear, Rez, the Invisible Hours and Statik.
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