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    rare uk wrote:
    I love the idea of a Projector but need some clarification


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    1) If you get one with 2000 lumens+ it will be perfectly watchable with the curtains shut, however, the image will in no way be as 'bright' as a tv. I generally resort to the tv i daytime. You can always get blackout curtains though for ~50
    2&3) ~300-400. 2000 hours is actually a _lot_ of use though. That's a lot of films.
    4)on a shelf. You can always use keystone correction or flip the image, so log as its pretty straight, you should be fine.
    5) Depends on the 'throw' of the projector - I have only got 3m, so I got this which gives me a 2m+ wide image! : its actually too big for some games from that distance - I have to scale it down!
    6) you will need seperate speakers... some projectors may offer sound, it will be shit. Get a cheap surround sound system: it will be worth it.

    As others have said, I cannot emphasise enough how much clearer the picture is compared to any comparable plasma I have seen, and for the price there really is no other way to get a pin sharp image that large.

    As a caveat though, I dont use it as my 'primary' screen. TV, and some games, are just more comfortable on a standard style tv.

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