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    I have updated the Mapcycle on the GF5/EG Server after chatting online with Whizzo and a few of the GF5 guys last night.

    The map cycle is now thus:
    2 x Strike at Karkland 32
    2 x Mashtuur City 32
    2 x Sharqi Peninsula 32
    2 x Dalian Plant 64
    2 x Strike at Karkland 64
    2 x Mashtuur City 32
    2 x Sharqi Peninsula 64
    2 x Fushi Pass 64

    Since I copied this directly out of my email I will also include the points I made on this to the other GF5 admins:

    This will give us 32 player maps to start the server going and get people in (City Maps) Dalian Plant will give the fly boys an airing but also have good ground coverage.
    Then some 64 player maps to spread the play out and give a longer game once people are on the server although keep Mashtuur as 32 as it makes keeping the Hill / Hotel more important so intensifies the play.
    Ending with another big flyboy map but a good large map for the tanks / APC people to get some drivetime.
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