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    valli wrote:
    Yes, a bit annoying with medics giving away 2 extra kills to the guy that fragged you, plus adding an extra notch on your death count. While I appreciate and thank for being revieved, suicidal medics are a bit too shock pad happy sometimes.

    Had a good time on GF5 last night btw, will return! CITY MAPS sounds very good, excellent map rotation as it is.

    If you get revived it does not count on your deaths. So suicidal medics are only delaying the death count and serving themselves up as a viable target.

    Last night was good + the map cycle was amended yesterday to attempt to keep people on there. The server has been playing with more than 10 people for the last 16 hours :-) Looks like we may have got it going how we wanted to.

    Don't forget those with guaranteed places need to come into TS and we will get you in on the action even the server is full.

    Oh and THX for the 7 people who got in the way of my knife last night - Veteran Knife Badge is nice...

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