#1229508, By oopseh Battlefield 2

  • oopseh 3 Mar 2006 09:44:45 29 posts
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    Bloody good fun last night guys.

    Cheers to Tiger_Walts for sticking around at the beginning to get the server up and running. I really did enjoy it and in terms of performance...

    I have a dual core 4800+ overclocked to 5000+ specs, 2 x 7800 GTXs in SLI and I get performance degradation (especially at the end of warlord when we are all in the palace).

    So I don't put it down to PC specs.

    + did any get a screenshot of my:

    [GF5]ooPSeH [Knife] Player 1
    [GF5]ooPSeH [Knife] Player 2
    [GF5]ooPSeH [Knife] Player 3

    last night?
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