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    Stickman wrote:
    There were some very high pings knocking about at times last night. Having said that, I only really had trouble when there were lots of us around at once, like oopseh says, in the palace on Warlord.

    I enjoyed it last night though, although I always seem to be on the team without any of you lot on! :(

    watch the teams until the team you wanna get on has less people and switch.

    While I remember - AnotherMartin - did I kick the right person last night? He was our commander - you started a kickvote on him after he was attacking the uncappable. You mentioned you was not on TS so I kicked him as he was RTing uncappable again in next map. - Some people never learn.

    + who was the [EG] guy on the opposite team to Whizzo - I couldn't woprk out who it was.
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