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    Fruit_Salad wrote:
    I've had trouble creating an account also, it keeps saying password or email already in use -- err... no it isn't, but anyway.
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    About the account creation:

    Battlefield 2 Accounts Notes
    Something to note as you prepare to create your Battlefield 2 Account, is that that a pre-existing GameSpyID account may impact your attempts to register your account. In order to avoid receiving an error message, make sure that you follow the guidelines below.

    * If you create a BF2 account using an email address that is already linked to a GameSpyID, you have to use the same password that you used for that GameSpyID account, or else you will get an error and cannot create the account.
    * If you do the above, and also input a nickname that is associated with the email address, the nickname has to match case-wise with the GameSpyID nickname, or you get an error and cannot create the account.
    * You can create a new nickname to go with an established GameSpyID account, and it will simply add a new profile to your GameSpyID account.


    Edit: for clarity and link to EA page about account creation

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