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    Shotguns? Aim or not to aim (online play)?

    Aim if you get behind the enemy and manage to sneak up behind them, then you have time to go into the slower, but ultimately alot more precise, aim mode.

    When it comes to an all out run and gun shotgun battle though you'll probably want to stick with the faster (non-aim) mode. This is more tricky as you can't see an exact zoomed in look at where your shotgun is pointing. The trick is practice and looking at how you character is holding the shotgun and then zooming into aim mode to see how this translates. Basically you have to learn where the shotgun is aiming based on how you are holding the gun in non-aim mode.
    About this: I have (semi-seriously) been contemplating sticking a small piece of coloured tape on my telly screen, to let me know exactly where my weapon is aimed, wven without the zoom. Would this work?

    Most certainly yes. I have a friend who does this - he gets the lancer sight up and then sticks a bit of blu-tac right in the centre of the crosshair. This is where your shots hit if you fire from the hip (though looking up and down does re-orient it slightly, but the shotgun spread usually negates that).

    The other major advantage is that it acts as a crosshair while blindfiring, and also tells you exactly where you'll be aiming when you pop out of cover, so you can prepare good shots before you burst out - center the blu-tac on an enemy's head/upper body, and fire away. This won't work with the sniper though ;).

    I did it a couple of times but stopped as I got a teeny bit scared of damaging the LCD TV I just bought, but it does definitely work. Bit cheeky, but its not a hack or cheat as such.

    Another thing to bear in mind is that when shooting from the hip, your shots will hit the exact centre of the cog symbol that indicates your health. If you get damaged a bit in an up-close shotgun battle, get your opponent in the centre of the cog if you want the edge.

    This has been my public service announcement for the day.
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