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    Duffking wrote:
    @Lukree are you on motion? You should be if you aren't, there's no aim assist at all so sticks are considerably harder even before you take into account the increased precision motion gives you.

    If you are on motion, try playing with the sensitivity. Get a charger, go into the firing range and stand at max range from one of the stationary targets. Use analogue to move the crosshair away, then charge up, shut your eyes, and try and hit the target. Do that a few times.

    If you repeatedly over turned, move sensitivity down a notch and try again. If you under turned, adjust sensitivity up a notch and try again. Keep adjusting until it's right.
    Thanks, great tips! I have used the motion and moving around feels great eith it but when I need to really aim at a player I just cannot do it properly. More practise needed, I guess. I'm only at level 6. But gonna try your tips, much appreciated!
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