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    bef wrote:
    Any beginner tips on aiming?

    I am a very average fps player. The last game I extensively played was Titanfall 2 and for me a good round meant 8-10 kills. :-)

    With Splatoon I mostly focus on painting everything because I aim like crap. Even more so in this game than other shooters because of the arc of the paint I guess? I find it difficult to get to grips with this.

    Is this a thing with Splatoon and do I need to know more about the way the paint shoots out of a weapon. Where to aim so to speak? Or is it really only my lack of general fps skills?

    I would start off with some of the more forgiving weapons. The tri-slosher, octobrush, or clash blaster are a good place to get a feel for aiming and how the mechanics work.

    I've started using the Forge and am really enjoying it but I couldn't use it at all when I started playing as you need to land the first shot really to pin the enemy in place, and I'd usually miss.
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