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    Jono62 wrote:
    Taking a while to get a game this Splatfest.
    I haven't played for a while since I rage quit due to downranking on every level apart from Tower Control.

    Turned on yesterday, Clam Blitz. Turned off.
    Turned on again yesterday, 15 minutes of Splat Zones, lost every game, switched over to Clam Blitz, turned off.

    Played this morning: Played 15 games. First 4, disconnects on my team. Next 3, intentional game throwers I blocked.

    Intermission due to seeing "Connection lost..." messages.

    Eventually got a game, shot at people - watched my shots not even register. Hit once by 4 - 6 shot weapons and died instantly. Watched someone swim through an area with no ink at all while I shot at him helplessly. He then pops up in front of my and one shots me with a tentatek.

    I used to love this game but Nintendo online doesn't love me.

    ThatSRB2Dude was even on Twitch the other night saying the game is dying due to Nintendo's inability to sort out lag.
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