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    the-cozen-show wrote:
    so... thinking about buying this in the sale, but appears (from posts above) like it may be unplayable post-nintendo online?
    It's not unplayable but it is inconsistent. It's very frustrating if you're trying to rank up in Solo Q where a few losses can make the difference between deranking or moving a step closer to X; it's hard to see how Nintendo's stated commitment to making Splatoon a proper E-sport is being carried through when their online is so flaky.

    For example, I was playing the other day and out of 10 games or so there were only 3 where both teams started and finished with 4 players. If you're in a team which is a squid down you generally can't win. But you can't disconnect either or you get punished. Nintendo forces you to slog through four pointless minutes, or until the other team knocks you out.

    If your team mate DCed in the first minute it shouldn't count against you, but after that you get penalised for losing as though you had a full team. And that happens all the time since they started charging for online.

    It's got so much worse recently too. On one game I started with yet another team-mate DC before the game had even begun so there were only 3 of us in the spawn. So we had a squid party, played a bit, then inevitably lost. But a 4th player was recorded on the results screen: a sniper rifle who apparently got 2 kills and used 4 specials. Invisibly. I then got a crack and lost my progress, thanks game.

    A later game yet another teammate DC'd but we managed to hang on for the win. But instead of the win screen at the end I got a disconnect message and when I restarted again it had punished me with a de-rank. Thanks a bundle game.

    It's so fun when it works properly though.
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