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    It is easily one of the best games of the generation (for me at least). Like the souls games it gave me post gaming blues in that a lot of stuff just instantly felt like shite afterwards.

    It is just one of those games where i don't think about time or feel guilty playing it when i should be doing something else.

    Currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn at the moment. Its a solid game but i just notice little things that it doesn't do that Botw does. Botw is really empty, but it feels so much more alive and full of interesting stuff than Horizon which is vastly more populated. Just Nintendo realised that walking up to NPC and receiving quests is usually boring as shit and filled their world with little puzzles instead which makes it so much more engaging. And it also shows rather than tells. When you see the shard dragons flying around or the northern light over the mountain it trusts you that you want to explore through intuition rather than just receiving a quest to see it. Npc will drop little nuggets of information and you piece together what you eventually need to know.

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