#2160569, By Rinoa Your most un-smooth moment

  • Rinoa 9 Apr 2007 00:26:59 39 posts
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    When I was 16 and in the Air Cadets, we had a huge parade to go to in RAF Sealand. There were a couple of thousand cadets from all over the country and so there were a LOT of people around me when this happened...

    I was chatting to my fellow cadets and a couple of guys I'd met from summer camp the year before. One guy started staring at my chest and just wouldn't stop looking... So I quite firmly told him to stop gawping at my boobs and he shook his head, "I wasn't staring at your boobs... I was staring at the spider that crawled into your shirt!". At that moment, I ripped open my shirt (Incredible Hulk style) revealing my bra and flesh to several hundred male cadets.

    Most embarrassing...
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