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    I have finally finished Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch after being given it for Christmas 2017.

    Well, finished, there was more to do but the main quests and most of the side quests all done after 350 hours and the game feeling like I had seen everything to see. Only managed about half the Stones of Barenziah, goodness knows where the rest of those are.

    I returned my character to his first and most beloved home, Lakeview Manor, where his wife the girl from his first side quests retrieving the claw for the shopkeeper, made him a home cooked meal as he played tag with his two daughters.

    And there he will stay for eternity, looking out at the peaceful forest and framing his happy home and laughing children.

    Go with Grace, Tentacle-head McGawber, you
    you have earned your eternal rest.
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