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    Malek86 wrote:
    The event is kinda boring. Once I get that exotic, I'm out. Just any one triumph left. Besides, I have almost zero time for games these days. My job is getting worse every year.

    But all of Season of the Drifter in general has been boring, since I don't care much for Gambit or Gambit Prime. I'm more or less done with Reckoning, just need to get the last triumph for killing shadow thrall. As for Gambit, I intended to play just enough to get the pinnacle machine gun, but if my progress can be kept between seasons, then I don't need to rush it. Only thing I need to make sure is that I reset my Infamy rank, but the PvE bounties should make that easy enough. Only 3000 points left with more than one month to go.

    With some luck, the next season will be more focused on solo activities.
    This! Gambit is dull, Crucible is geared towards those who can/have the time to grind exotics (I get the challenge). I basically play for PvE. Forge was good in parts.

    But there is always something to do.

    And I just got the pour a cup of tea emote.

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