#12010032, By Ron_Justice Star Wars Battlefront II

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    The RNG 'progress' is already shit enough, but to then tie this into a microtransaction structure, inside a AAA game is utterly abhorrent.

    Can't help think that it's partly been done to flesh out the traditional progress content of gun unlocks because there's not enough there to do it traditionally. There's also the restrictions on cosmetics that the lore will introduce because you can't have a dayglow Stormtrooper etc.

    Simple fix for all this though, give every unlock in the game a 'crafting material' value and provide a regular, reliable source of those materials. Tie the amount of that material you get to how well your do in game. That way, every 10? games, l can craft an item that l want. I could still get the RNG drops too, but give me a way to purposefully shape my experience.
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