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    Graxlar_v3 wrote:
    Sharz wrote:
    I don't see it as a bad game exactly. Just not a very polished one. Certainly not the product of a massive studio and publisher anyway.
    All we have played is a beta...

    I guess, there is every possibility in the main game they will have loading screens every 30 seconds and i will admit that you were right, but c'mon you cant complain about a lack of polish on a game still technically in development.

    Also, no one should pre order anything ever (I pre ordered i know but i am an idiot).
    It's been in development for six years, and it's out in a few weeks. Nothing major will change, other than -hopefully- the most critical issues like getting stuck on loading screens.

    And they say things like "we don't yet know what the cosmetics will cost".... bullshit. All of that has been decided ages ago because EA needs to be able to project how much money they'll make well in advance.
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