#12046111, By Carbon_Altered NaNoWriMo 2017 aka write ten pages then give up

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    @Skirlasvoud ok, this is right up my street, chaotic sci-fi, plenty of action, low down grimy good for nothing space pirates. Love it. I like the way you've laid it out, showing what "choices" we're making. There are are a couple of good techniques you have that will eventually make this a really good choose your own sort of novel. First the choices makes sense, there is always one I would go for, no stupid choices. Second, you never lie, the option chosen follows thorough properly, I never felt jipped when onto the next section. Thirdly, you don't follow a pattern. The first 2 or 3 options I thought I'd spotted a pattern (go for the option asking for more detail) but then you drop this later. Makes it more of a challenge.

    The action itself I liked a lot, felt more like an undersea nature documentary at points, and all the better for it. I had one minor space physics type quibble (in zero gravity it doesn't matter what direction your guns are mounted as you can stop accelerating and turn in whatever direction you want while maintaining the same heading) but other than that all good stuff.

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