#12046224, By jiveguy The worldwide Nazi/White Supremacist problem

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    I work with a guy who calls himself a liberal (the European kind, not the American kind). He thinks that one of the reasons for the rise in this populist nationalism is that there is a lack of engagement in debate by both the left and the right. He thinks that a lot of the followers of these groups could be persuaded to develop a more centrist view. He actually blames the left for not engaging. I'm not convinced. I think the left and those with a more liberal or centrist bent HAVE tried (over many years) to engage but we still see these groups gaining popularity and becoming more extreme in their views.

    So what's to be done then? Do you keep trying to engage while extremism rises and a more general acceptance of ethno-nationalist views enter the population? Do you fight it and not give it a platform? Or is there something else that can be done? It's frustrating :(
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