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    Someone at worked spotted this and sent it round a while back, we were all gobsmacked and I presumed it was just a mistranslation...

    Anyway, enough has been said about the game iteslf, aside from 'all that' part of all this makes (a small part of me) me feel that you shouldn't be able to do anything illegal in game. I'm sure you'll all moan at me for Daily Mailing here, but i'm not talking about now... i'm thinking a decade or two from now.

    The problm i feel is that violence and murder is just an accepted part of gaming now, this is all well and good NOW when games look distinctly different to reality and the actions performed virtually are very different to what the player actually does. Games are going to be very different in the future, just look (technically) at Bioshock/GTA compared to pong/original pacman. I can see a future where we'll be sawing the heads of people, it'll feel just like the real thing and it'll look like the real thing (holodeck or VR goggle stylee)... and i'm not sure how that makes me feel.

    I guess part of this stems from the fact that I'm currently pissed off with the immature and basic nature of games. I'm bored of the 'point and shoot' attitude of the vast majority of games. It's such a simple mechanic and I'd hoped we'd have moved on to more interesting and intellectually stimulating forms of gaming by now.. Back in the retro days shooting was just used because it was an easy and effective form of gameplay, i wonder if we'd just been given the technology of today back in the eighties we'd have been as open to making games with such violent content in... i dont think people were thinking to the future and how games were going to evolve...but i'm going OT

    ANYWAY, my point is, the more we absorb shit like this into gaming culture the more we open ourselves up to a major moral headache in the future (be it ten or twenty years time).

    I wonder if censorship should be proportional to how real it feels?

    Before anyone accuses me of being anti-games, pro-censorship, etc... I work in development and have worked on projects that have included torture (pfft, anyone can do murder) and even suffered Daily Mail outcrys... result! I'm just putting a thought out there, so don't slate me okay ;D
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