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    Nice Surprise of the Year
    Planet Of the Apes: Last Frontier

    Because I played it multiplayer with someone who regularly plays games, and a 60-year old who's never touched a controller, and we were all on EQUAL playing field and all getting EQUAL enjoyment (and if you've ever been THAT guy at a party, who brings the game but is resented by everyone else for being the only sad git who's good at it because he's put 15 hours into single-player mode, this means a lot!!)

    Disappointment of the Year
    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Under-rated Game of the Year
    Sonic Mania

    Enough people know about it, but Sonic Forces will likely steal it's thunder since Mania has no box release in shops :( I really hope it doesn't become under-rate.

    Over-rated Game of the Year
    Zelda BOTW.

    It's good don't get me wrong. Great, even. But c'mon, let's not go nuts here. This whole BEST GAME EVER moniker gets tossed around too much these days. Makes me wonder what next year's BEST GAME EVER will be...

    Older-game Find of the Year
    Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic.

    More of re-release of the year. But re-playing this on mobile made me realise just how great it was, still is, and works so well on a touch-screen.
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