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    I recently picked this up in the PSN sale and can't believe how much I'm enjoying it! I bounced hard off of Syndicate and Unity. Origins looked like it'd be the stale formula of those games, combined with the low-rise banality of Assassin's Creed 3's America.

    But it's slowly got its hooks into me. The detail is almost mind-blowing. The first time I rode into Alexandria, my jaw dropped and I spent twenty minutes just observing. And I think that's the real draw - it's fascinating just travelling around and seeing the people, buildings and systems of Egypt. Each new region unlocked is a new thrill. I've already splashed out on the season pass, even though I'm still around 10 levels away from being ready for those areas.

    - I don't feel compelled to immediately climb every tower and unlock the 'checklist' of things to do. Discovery feels more organic.
    - The combat feels a little 'looser' and free-flowing (in a good way - you don't necessarily feel locked into a Batman-esque arena of villains).
    - I'm enjoying the loop of clearing out enemy camps. It's repetitive but still lots of fun. Stealth feels viable even if you're spotted.
    - I don't hate the main characters, for a change.

    Side-quests are a little repetitive. I'm amazed how many people have been captured - but are injured - and need to be carried to the threshold of the camp before they can magically walk again. But with the variety of the setting it's not a huge problem.

    I think this might be my favourite Assassin's Creed since the first one (yes, I'm one of those people).
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