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  • Harpe 10 Jun 2005 12:52:55 84 posts
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    I don't know about anyone else, but this week seems to have dragged something chronic. Today is looking up though - it's friday for a start and pjmaybe's work place drama happened to be the first thing I read on the forum today which caused laughing and choking on tea in equal measure.

    In celebration of nothing more than the end of another week closer to our next birthdays how about another quick friday competition?

    As before, fill in the gaps in this headline from today's MCV. One prize for the correct answer and one for the funniest.

    "Is This The Way To ___ ___ _____"?

    The prizes this time round are truely worth having though...

    For the right answer: an Alien Hominid Soviet Missile Mastar t-shirt (size L) Click

    These are very limited edition in europe (100 made) and have only ever been given to members of the press or extremely important people indeed.

    For the most amusing stab: a boxed set of Alien Hominid vinyl characters Click

    Again, not officially released in europe and what limited supply was available was immeaditely given to the queen or something.

    Betting start!
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