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    yeah that was my take on the "alien". I didn't think it was an alien being with shimmer technology. I thought it was purely organic, my interpretation was that the "alien" kind of starts out as a single cell and then divides, expands and consumes/absorbs everything it comes into contact with.
    Lena's cheating ties into a common theme of self destruction, it lead to the Kane volunteering for the mission and ultimately the destruction of their marriage.
    At the end Kane and Lena have the opportunity for a fresh start. She could abandon this new version of Kane or attempt to rebuild their relationship.

    One thing I'm not too clear on is the passage of time is different in the shimmer. Kane has been gone for a year and I think Benedict Wong's character says that Lena has been gone for 4 months but she only had supplies for 3 weeks. Shortly after entering the shimmer the group wake up and they've lost a few days. Could they already be clones at that point?, is time refracted?, why the memory loss?.

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