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    Started watching the series at 10pm until 3am on Friday night/Saturday morning then finished watching the remaining 5 episodes the following afternoon.

    I enjoyed it a lot, especially the changes to the characters (the origin of the robot for example) and the fact that the Robinsons' weren't alone in the trip to Alpha Centauri. The Robinsons were all decently fleshed out and all given stuff to do so it wasn't just about the men doing the action-y stuff and the women just background material seen cooking and cleaning!

    The robot was really great and I liked the bound between it and Will Robinson, leading to some interesting situations, particularly when you find out more about where the robot came from and what it was doing.

    What I didn't like was Smith. It was good that they had a male Doctor Smith who this imposter stole the identity of but she was just so obviously out to just serve herself that she was instantly dislikable and I could not understand why the Robinsons even had anything to do with her, especially after they find out that she isn't who she said she was. She is almost a pantomime villain IMO and does not fit well into the series at all, simply there to cause all the mishaps that occur throughout season 1.

    Sure, that was true also of the original Doc Smith but at least he had charm and was amusing; this female Smith is none of those and has not been evolved character-wise like the Robinsons and the robot have. That's really disappointing to be honest. I don't think I enjoyed a single scene with her in it which is in complete contrast to the original series where Smith was frequently the highlight of any episode. Seems that the producers thought making Smith a woman and completely obnoxious was all they had to do to modernise her?

    Very good series apart from Smith though.
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