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    Yeah, finding the game quite disappointing. It's micro-managament HELL. It's simplified where it should be more complex, and overly fiddly where things should work automatically.

    It also lacks a proper goal/motivation of sorts. I am on Mars, I've established my first two domes, and now what? Keep doing the same thing, essentially? Just to have 100 instead of 50, and then 200 instead of 100 colonists? That works in games where you have a growing, evolving entity, but in Surviving Mars it almost seems to work better if you build a dozen independent, small "villages", so you're essentially doing the same thing over, and over, and over again.

    Biggest problem for me is the micromanagment monster that is the transport of goods. You need to do it manually all the time because the drones have small-ish areas they work on:
    If a good that is in sector A is needed in sector B, drones in both sectors will ignore the need and you have to load it into a transporter and go there manually.

    Add a lack of a decent automated transport system, and I've lost all will to go on.

    The game is not that complex, it's annoying, and the lack of information and more complex options (for example for the transport automation) is ... weird.


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