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    marilena wrote:
    "The best person for the job" is such a bullshit concept. I've tested and interviewed at least a few dozens of people in my time, in a field with a decent amount of measurable proficiency. And, even so, there's an insane amount of subjectivity to it. And there are a lot of fields where subjectivity is even more pronounced and completely unavoidable. Writing being a good example, though it's not even the most subjective one. Think about sales, for instance, and the fact that the recruiter is going to measure your likability as part of the assessment.

    There are plenty of studies on how this bias affects persons of color. A very well known one shows how the exact same CV passes screenings less often if attached to an obviously "black" name like Shawnda.

    If you think that right now we are in a pure meritocracy, and persons of color don't have reduced chances because of the biases of the mostly white people in charge of the hiring process, you are living in fantasy land.

    The push for more diversity is a counter-balance to the existing biases, not the lone bias in a perfect system.
    I believe this is a classic case of "projecting".

    You know yourself to be a racist who is unable to make impartial hiring decisions, so you assume that it must be a systemic problem that effects everyone instead of you being a horrible human being.

    You should spend less time piling on additional discrimination in an attempt to create balance and address the core problem.
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