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    Bleh wrote:
    I read somewhere that every new campaign you start different mechs become rare. Personally I don't know if it's true it's my first campaign. But rare and not showing up at all is a difference. Would indeed be nice to get a bit more variation.
    This rings true. Certainly, in my career mode game, certain mechs which I saw quite a lot in my earlier campaign mode game became vanishingly rare. The Highlander and the Altas, in particular, showed up very infrequently, even on 5-skull missions (though I finished my campaign with three Atlases, partly due to getting bits of them from Flashpoint rewards and partly due to gittin' gud at blowing up cockpits). I only saw one Crab across the whole campaign (though the King Crab was quite common) and as I only got 1 salvage part from it, I never got to try out one of the three new expansion mechs.

    Conversely, a couple of mechs that I almost never saw in campaign mode showed up a fair bit in career. I saw a good few Cataphracts this time around, which were almost entirely absent in campaign, and also had a reasonably high frequency of Black Knights and Kintaros (the latter of which I only saw once, outside the tutorial mission, in campaign).
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