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    @docrob Yes, you are. Maybe not immediately, but you are going to love it.

    The initial similarity to XCom can be a touch misleading. The UI, the movement/action system, the hit%s and so on will all put you in an XCom mindset. But until you "unlearn" some of your XCom habits, you will find the game really tough to adapt to.

    Cover works very different in BattleTech and, while important in its own way, it is a much smaller part of the game than in XCom. While XCom often rewards stationary, turtling tactics, Battletech's lack of overwatch fire and movement-based evasion system means that you always need to be keeping your units moving. Mechs are huge and take a lot of killing, so the sudden-death mentality of XCom is much less in evidence here (barring the occasional lucky/unlucky cockpit hit). Instead, mechs wear each other down slowly, blasting through armour and internal systems over multiple turns until fatal damage finally occurs. Keeping the least-damaged sides of your mech turned towards the enemy is crucial, as is focussing your fire on wounded sections of them.

    The tactical game is frankly deeper than XCom's by some way, but the learning curve can feel savage. Stick with it and it's one of the best turn based strategy games of all time, in my view.
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