#12366078, By sunjumper Battletech (2018 PC game)

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    The tutorial is utter crap.
    However the game is strangely intuitive in that many things that you think 'should' work actually do even if the game never explicitly mentions them.

    Like: if you fire at a mech from the side you will mosty hit it from that side, if you fire from above you will hit hit the torso more often than the legs etc...

    Another bit that is kind of obvious but easy to miss is that you can read the map of the mission area in advance and look for possible ways to your target, where your enemy might be hiding or if there might be a way to sneak past or even if there is a spot that might be a slight detour but provide you with an interesting advatage. An example for the latter would be a tiny lake at medium range from the combat zone but where you can place your LRM mech so that it can fire away without having to worry about heat.

    In the end the game covers a lot of details none of them making or braking a mission but giving you a lot of opportunities to build your own masterplan.
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