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    ilmaestro wrote:
    elstoof wrote:
    the plot lines
    No, I'm pretty sure Ryo was in the yakuza and this is what I was implying.

    elstoof wrote:
    Shenmue has more in common with LA Noir than Yakuza
    OK then! We're done here.

    I love the way this fanboy arse hurt never dies.

    You see, Yakaza is that game on the Sony platform *hock!* *hock!* *spit!* *spit*, Shenmue on the other hand is a wonderful game for the wonderful Dreamcast. When you've reached the requisite level of enlightenment you'll see that they're not comparable or similar in any way at all.

    I always play LA Noir Shenmue style and spend hours walking everywhere. You can zone out and pretend that it's a much smaller, more detail and content rich, micro open World like Shenmue... Of course Yakuza is nothing like that for... Reasons.

    I'll definitely buy the Shenmue HD remasters. I can't say exactly why though, I'd take a physical English version of Yakuza 5 over them any day.
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