#12197039, By Cappy Digital games and the future of trading them.

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    docrob wrote:
    I dislike the way shops like Game can profit from the same game multiple times but the developer only once).
    This old chessnut, again.

    GAME doesn't create a new copy of the product when they sell used copies. The publisher still has the money they got when the game was purchased, somebody buying the same game used doesn't mysteriously take that money out of their bank account.

    If publishers want more money they can do it the way everybody else does, make a better product that more people want to buy as soon as possible.

    If GAME really were at Bond villain tier, why do they keep on struggling so badly? Could it be that trade-ins aren't the magical money printing machine they are in your mind? When you're taking hundreds of old football games and shovelware that rapidly depreciates in value, they were actually doing the customer a favour giving them a couple of Pounds for them initially. For every copy of Rez or Suikoden V they got traded in they probably got hundreds of FIFA games (likely a massive underestimate, more like thousands).

    All those trade-ins helped the industry shift more units in the first place.
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