#12197062, By UncleLou Digital games and the future of trading them.

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    Negatives of digital is that it's more expensive and
    This is what I don't personally get. Digital should be cheaper. You've cut out distribution and retail costs, and there's no second hand to worry about, so how can they justify charging more?

    But yeah, I'm pretty sure that when you "buy" digital downloads, you aren't actually buying anything. Just given a licence to use the content, with limitations.

    Unless it's a first-party game, you have just a different middle-man, in the form of Steam, or PSN, etc. And physical production/distribution is comparatively cheap, while IT/servers cost money as well. If I want, I can delete and redownload games on Steam on an hourly basis.

    I am not saying physical distribution isn't more expensive, but I think people tend to over-estimate the costs, and underestimate the costs of a store/server that's accessible 24/7.

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