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    aaron0288 wrote:
    @Bichii why are you so obsessed with people being positive about this? You like it, others donít. Simple as that. This is such a well established franchise now that it doesnít need ďpositivityĒ, it needs criticism where itís due, so they donít get too big for their shoes and get lazy (so to speak. I realise the hard work that goes into these games).

    Iím enjoying it but itís mostly down to the fact itís new and shiny. It has its issues and the gunplay certainly feels as close to COD as itís ever been, certainly with the ttk. Which Iím still unsure about. Going back to BF4, I canít help but think with those mechanics and gameplay features, thisíd be perfect, as I do love the WW2 setting. Do like the addition of squad revives and ammo/medic attrition though.

    Add me to the list who thought Dunkirk was an average
    WW2 film too.
    Itís hilarious isnít it that somebody can be so vulgar as to tell someone to Ďfuck offí just because you donít like something that they do.

    Such a shame we have this level of pea brain decorum on the forum.

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