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    mickerty wrote:
    @Huggybear I always feel the need to defend BF1. It's one of my favourites in the series if not my single favourite battlefield for me.

    I take your points but most of them are subjective to what feels unbalanced or not. I really liked the feeling of being part of an epic charge in the operations modes and it played to the setting of being canon fodder by one shot rifles and explosions (appreciate no one was running around chucking regenerating anti tank grenades in 1914!).
    I think one of the problems with the guns was how differently the game plays on PC vs consoles. The SLRs are far more powerful on PC because you can more easily get headshots. More than half the medics switched to the Fedorov when it became available, because of how much easier automatic weapons are to get kills with when using a controller.

    Which is also why the Hellriegel was a God Tier Gun on consoles. Up close you could hip fire and beat anything except an Automatico, and at midrange you'd still be extremely lethal because of how accurate it was with very little recoil. The SMG 08 was better on PC when it did come out, but it had too much recoil to be optimal for controller users.

    Also, grenades no longer automatically refilling from ammo crates is one of the best things they ever did. In BF1 you could stand next to a crate and basically keep a zone permanently locked with chemical grenades because of how quickly they refilled.

    BF5 is still a deeply flawed and buggy game, but the actual gunplay is (imo) great. Medics suck though, which is a shame as it's always been my favourite role to play.

    Previous favorites of mine were BF:BC2 and BF4.
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