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    binky wrote:
    Normally Iíd agree and only play large conquest, but Iím loving Squad Conquest. I donít like inorganic assignments in Tides of War though. 6 revives as a medic without dying is a bit bloody tough, and it distracts you from playing the objective - which you absolutely all have to be doing when thereís only 8 of you.
    That's an optional assignment though. It's also very easy to do while playing the Objective on a map like Devastation on normal Conquest.

    I'm just happy the ToW stuff tracks correctly now. Normal Assignments also seem to track, it's just that some of them are incorrectly worded: at least one of the "get X kills with Y in one round" I have is not actually "in one round", it's "in one life".

    Fortunately there's usually an easier-but-slower way of completing them. Overall, I like the BF5 assignments a lot more than the BF1 stuff where you had to "Get 10 headshot kills with a crappy pistol to unlock this SMG".

    What this game needs now:

    1. Better Netcode (people with high ping should be the ones to suffer, not benefit)
    2. More maps
    3. More / better cosmetics (BF1 had wonderful weapon cosmetics, practically everything in this game is disappointing or ugly).
    4. Rented Servers or some way of having a Map Playlist, so can choose which maps to play without constantly having to quit and rejoin to avoid the ones you hate.

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