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    Really want to play this, but it's finding the time these days.

    I've only just completed Oranges, and whilst enjoyable it had the most aggressive level gating I've seen in the series thus far.

    I think there was somewhere in the region of 30'ish campaign missions overall (maybe less), but my total completed missions was well over 100 by the time I finished, and I was only level 37 by then, 2 above the 35 recommended for finishing the game. Plus there's all the XP gained from clearing forts, areas and tombs etc.

    I enjoyed my time with it don't get me wrong, but the days of being able to just plough through the campaign are long gone sadly. Now that I've got kids being forced to level up through side mission content is an utter ball-ache.

    Still, I'll chip away at it slowly. If they're taking a break next year that gives me 2 years to finish this one. That should be enough time!
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